Improving workplace culture and staff engagement is a significant priority for many organisations, and there is an increasing appreciation of the benefits of proactively addressing issues and behaviours at the earliest stages.

Culture Reviews

An independent workplace culture review is a very effective way to objectively identify and assess problems within the work environment. Our reviews, with their practical recommendations, will provide you with a springboard to accelerate positive change.

The decision to commission a culture review could be the result of concerns, negative rumours, informal grievances, changes in employee behaviour and performance, increased turnover and/or absenteeism, or poor staff survey results. It can also be initiated proactively as "temperature check" and gives employees a voice to discuss issues that are important to them and ideas for improvement.

We have a proven track record in delivering high quality and insightful culture reviews in both the public and private sectors.

Values and Behaviours

Values and behaviours are often part of a Cultural Review, but sometimes they can be addressed as a separate project. In this, we would assess the existing values and behaviours in your organisation, and work with you to either ensure these optimise the contribution of your people, or propose a new framework entirely.

Team Dynamics

We are highly trained in understanding team dynamics across all levels of a business. We can work with your employees to increase harmony, decrease conflict, optimise efficiencies and promote a more kinder understanding of the values and communication preferences of each person in making a company successful.