Leadership Development

High performing leaders at all levels play a crucial role in developing a harmonious workplace culture whilst maximising employee engagement and productivity. They will harness the skills, knowledge and collective power of their teams and deliver impressive results year on year.

Organisations operate in an increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous world, requiring them to explore different ways to support their leaders and to help their leaders navigate challenges both proactively and competently while still aligning to evolving organisational demands.

Leaders who continually seek opportunities to improve their performance and invest in their development become better equipped to confidently anticipate, prioritise and tackle the challenges they face on a day-to day basis.

One of the key elements to achieving this is time for leaders to focus on their own development.

We take a fresh approach to leadership development and provide tailored one-to-one coaching and small group facilitated workshops.

These are designed to either complement your organisations’ existing provision (such as in-house leadership development programmes and skills-based training), or provide you with the delivery and foundations of a leadership development programme where there is no suitable or existing provision and from which your organisation can continue to build upon.

Case Study A

We were appointed by the CEO of a Private Sector Organisation to provide one-to-one leadership coaching for a Senior Director identified as having the potential for promotion.

The CEO had helped the Senior Director recognise that they would benefit from developing their strategic and commercial approach, and they mutually agreed that coaching would be the most appropriate solution.

Following the coaching programme, the Senior Director stated that they felt much clearer in relation to setting the vision and direction for their teams and the CEO commented on their increased confidence and motivation.

Within 6 months, the Senior Director had been promoted to a board position within the organisation and continued to seek coaching through ibex gale to support them in their transition to the new role.

Case Study B

We were appointed by an HR Director of a charity to undertake leadership development workshops for a small group of Directors.

The Directors wanted to develop their confidence and techniques around managing underperformance, holding difficult conversations and how to maximise the performance of their teams.

By working together as a group, we were able to benefit from discussing peoples’ challenges and experiences and provide coaching and advice with a view to formulating personalised plans to tackle each priority.

The group-based approach also enabled the Directors to build stronger relationships with each other and be better equipped to provide each other with ongoing support, which in turn enhanced cohesive working across disciplines.