Suzanne easton - ibex gale

Suzanne Easton

Suzanne leads the Organisational Culture and Conflict Resolution and Mediation divisions at ibex gale, as well as being the Head of People for the company. As a senior people management…

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Sarah dobson - ibex gale

Sarah Dobson

Sarah leads our governance and assurance division, advising health and social care organisations on CQC compliance. This includes dealing with registration requirements, regulatory investigations, challenging inspection reports and assisting with…

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Zoe wood - ibex gale

Zoe Wood

Zoe is an experienced employee relations professional and a senior member of our investigation team.  She has excellent interpersonal and communication skills and is also skilled in workplace dispute resolution; providing…

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Shelley morgan - ibex gale

Shelley Morgan

Shelley has expertise in dealing with complex employment matters including whistleblowing, discrimination, grievances and disciplinaries. Prior to joining ibex gale, Shelley was a senior employment lawyer at a top 100…

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Emma alexander - ibex gale

Emma Alexander

Emma is a non-practising solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in employment law, both in private practice and in-house. Emma specialises in workplace investigations, including whistleblowing, bullying and harassment, and…

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Kate woosnam - ibex gale

Kate Woosnam

Kate started her career as an employment lawyer in private practice, dealing with a range of employment litigation work from complex discrimination cases and equal pay to advising on TUPE…

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Kristina bell - ibex gale

Kristina Bell

Kris is a highly regarded HR professional, with over 25 years experience over a variety of industries including leisure, retail, manufacturing, engineering and financial services. The majority of Kris’ expertise…

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Lucy edgington-hume - ibex gale

Lucy Edgington-hume

Lucy’s background is as a senior HR professional within the NHS having worked in various roles in the health service for over 15 years. She has a master’s in management…

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Kimberley fradley - ibex gale

Kimberley Fradley

Kimberley is an experienced healthcare regulatory specialist, advising health and social care organisations on CQC compliance; dealing with registration requirements, regulatory investigations, challenges to inspection reports and assisting with responses…

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Sarah byrne - ibex gale

Sarah Byrne

Sarah is a senior HR professional who has delivered solutions for global brands across a broad range of industries including luxury retail, hospitality, legal services and banking. In the public…

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